What our Customers say...


Working with the SERVPRO team was the bright spot in a rough time. I was SUPER impressed with how professional and considerate their team was. They were timely, very responsive, and quick to reply to any questions I had. A great experience. Thank you very much to Melissa and Anthony in particular!

The SERVPRO team was such a relief in my life during such a stressful period.

SERVPRO is great! Highly recommend.

Quick response, very knowledgeable team, great service. Highly recommend.

Did a great job cleaning up and fixing my home. 

When I didn’t have anywhere else to turn, SERVPRO came to the rescue! Great company!

THANKS SERVPRO! Super friendly, professional and did an amazing job!

SERVPRO did a great job. I am very pleased with the service I received.

SERVPRO did an outstanding job! Very respectful of my home. Would recommend to all friends!

Great company to work with during such a difficult time in my life. Very thankful.

I couldn't have asked for better service. So impressed with the level of professionalism the crew had. Will recommend in the future.

Highly recommend SERVPRO of Issaquah/North Bend. Awesome crew. 

Very impressed with the service I received. Would highly recommend if need be.

Such an impressive company to work with. Very professional, knowledgeable, with great customer service.

5 stars! Great company to work with if your small business has water damage.

Great company to work with! I highly recommend this company to anyone who has experienced water damage.

Why?  Because this company is amazing!  They are so great at what they do it is amazing!

I was shocked how quickly these workers were able to get the job done in my home.  The loud fans for a few days was definitely not an issue when I found out it helped to prevent mold. Thank you!

Thank you SERVPRO!  You really do awesome work! 

These people really are the real deal! They showed up on time, prepared and ready to work.  They were polite to my wife and kids and even answered all of my toddlers rambling questions. They really were the best we could have asked for!

Our building was in bad shape, but SERVPRO came in and really worked hard to get us back up and running! Thank you SERVPRO!

Just amazes me how dangerous mold particles can be, and how quickly it grows.  Thank you SERVPRO for taking care of our mold issues so quickly.

SERVPRO really did such a wonderful job with our home. Thank you!

Know their stuff when it comes to getting mold cleaned


Thank you so much SERVPRO!!! After stressing trying to move out of a house my family has lived in for 15+ years they came and helped us and we couldn’t be more thankful! Crystal the general manager was so kind and helpful. They made this transition for my family very simple. If you are looking for moving help, cleaning or anything of that nature, call Renton SERVPRO and you won’t be disappointed!!!

David and Leshaun were very professional and helpful .I appreciate all the work the SERVPRO guys did to get my apartment dried out .Amelia has been very proactive about getting appointment times that work for me. I can't remember everyone's name that came out but Toby was out twice too. They were all great.

SERVPRO PM Jeremy Kennard was quick and easy to work with. They responded to my request to come out very quickly. He was also straightforward and honest, saying he couldn't do anything for me, as my damage was too great. He even volunteered to talk to my insurance company about it. He also answered a phone call for information about another expert, even though I wasn't a client. I really appreciate this. If I ever have need of this service again, I know whom I'm calling first!

Mold is a definitely a pain! SERVPRO knew what to do and how to handle.  They also helped me to learn how to prevent it in the future. They were really helpful and knowledgeable.

When our offices had a flooded first floor, SERVPRO arrived and got to work immediately! They did great work and they did it quickly! Thank you! Definitely recommend using them!

This was such a difficult time for me and my wife.  SERVPRO really showed up to help.  They explained every step of the process and made us feel at ease during the entire restoration process. Thank you!

Amazing work! So grateful for SERVPRO!