What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

The SERVPRO team we had (Andy, Stephen & all others) were simply amazing! They immediately came out, started water damage control & fan install. Their demo work was clean, precise, and not over done; they took great care in how they packed things & covered flooring to keep what wasn't damaged clean; thank you for caring about the salvaged items! Daily check ins on residual moisture and removed/changed fans as needed. Amazing communication and integrity. Thank you for being so kind & helpful in a stressful situation!

Great company to work with! I highly recommend this company to anyone who has experienced water damage.

I was shocked how quickly these workers were able to get the job done in my home.  The loud fans for a few days was definitely not an issue when I found out it helped to prevent mold. Thank you!

Thank you SERVPRO!  You really do awesome work! 

Just amazes me how dangerous mold particles can be, and how quickly it grows.  Thank you SERVPRO for taking care of our mold issues so quickly.

Thank you so much SERVPRO!!! After stressing trying to move out of a house my family has lived in for 15+ years they came and helped us and we couldn’t be more thankful! Crystal the general manager was so kind and helpful. They made this transition for my family very simple. If you are looking for moving help, cleaning or anything of that nature, call Renton SERVPRO and you won’t be disappointed!!!

Amazing work! So grateful for SERVPRO!